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The gymkhana BUFF Epic Snow Vallnord already has 150 registered

The next Sunday, February 9 sector of Vallnord Pal host the first edition of the gymkhana in the snow "BUFF Epic Snow", which already has 150 enrolled and consists of different tests ranging from mushing, dragging a wheel truck, to a game of paddle ball with a giant or build an igloo in the minimum time possible.

About 150 people have already confirmed their attendance at the first edicón this innovative event, whose theme is "Change your Attitude" (Change your attitude) and aims to power teamwork, solidarity and effort.

Ramon Prat, responsible for the test, explains that "we have tried to move from the Buff Epic Run a Ski smaller format, to make it possible to participate while skiing or snowboarding is done." Prat adds that "there has been thought to be a competitive event, but to have fun and enjoy the snow in a fun way."

The activities carried out are:

And this weekend Vallnord offer fun in abundance, not only the leisure of this event, but also at the level of tracks, since the forecast opening thereof is high, good amount of snow in recent days.

In short, with so much activity on the mountain, you can not you stay home ;)!