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The first important snowfall arrives in the ski resorts of the Pyrenees

A cold front accompanied by precipitation that from medium to high altitudes is in the form of snow , is affecting the Pyrenees, leaving the first winter images of autumn when there is still a month to go before the start of the season.


First important snowfall of autumn 2022 in Candanchú (04.11.2022)



There is still a long month to go before the start of the ski season. Although some resorts will try to anticipate opening at the end of this month of November , the goal is to be up and running for the Puente de la Inmaculada , the first festive period of the winter tourism campaign.


As usually happens every year, we will not know until a few days before the Puente de la Inmaculada how many ski resorts will be able to open and how many slopes. Although it will still be autumn and in the Alps it is usual to wait until shortly before Christmas, in the Iberian Peninsula it has been possible to start up the ski lifts for this first festive period.


At the moment and to whet your appetite, a small front of polar origin is leaving us with the first snowfalls in the Pyrenees . Although some resorts have been caught doing some preparations on the slopes, the snowfall is being received with joy , taking into account the anomalous consecutive months that we have been.






Formigal has already dressed in white with this autumn snowfall



Thus, both in the Aragonese Pyrenees , as well as in Lleida or Andorra , the ski resorts have already been publishing images with their white mountains and even precipitation in the form of snow at their lowest levels, in the car parks.


It is a cold front that will hold out for a couple more days at the most, but which will then go away to leave us with an anticyclonic weather, although with temperatures closer to the usual ones for this time of year.


In any case, a very marked division remains between the east and the west of the Iberian Peninsula. While on the Atlantic coast they continue to receive a lot of rainfall and lower temperatures, from the middle to the Mediterranean the situation is different as can be seen on this map with the forecast for these days.





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