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10 types of skiers you'll meet on the Mountain

Hi there! Today we have another fun read with a list of different types of skiers and snowboarders. Find out who you are! Let's dive in!



Ten types of skier



Old Schoolers


Without a doubt, they are what we like to call "romantic skiers", and therefore veterans, from an era that will never return. They were pioneers of the mono ski back in the day, which hit its peak in the late 1980s. The "old schoolers" remember those good old days with nostalgia. For that very reason, they stick to the very faded Roc Neige and Nevica outfits from that era. Possibly they fit the monoski with Atomic or Look bindings and their boots are usually very old Koflack or Salomon equipe SX91.


If you come across one of them on a ski lift, they'll be more than happy to share some of their best anecdotes with you. And guess what? They know where is the best après-ski!


Your classic "Old Schoolers"



Snow Bunnies

This type of skier will only consider stepping foot on the slopes if the conditions are optimal for them, that is:  bluebird days. This type of skier has no idea how to put chains on the car and isn't very keen on the skis, but is an expert at posting an excellent photo and the slopes and look like a real powder hound. Once they have taken enough photos, they'll find the best spot on the slopes where they can have a drink and enjoy the rest of their day. Is that you?



Your snow bunny pretending to have fun on the slopes



Powder Hounds

This species usually travels in small groups, possibly a gang, and they are very fond of visiting the same 3 or 4 ski resorts during the ski season and will possibly try a new one. 

Their aim is to be the first to hit the slopes first thing in the morning and they are always searching for the most rare and secret spots of the ski resort. 

The powder hound is usually aged between 25 and 35 or 40 years old, is passionate about technique, obsessed with equipment, the weather and always up for a drink after to talk about their day with the Powder Gang and share mountain secrets. 



Your classic Powder Hound having the time of their life



The Gear Obsessed


This kind of skier can easily be mistaken by a Powder Hound, but you can identify them by their equipment. Gear-Obsessed skiers are more interested in their ski equipment than actually skiing or searching for the best spots.

It doesn't matter if it's snowing or raining early in the morning or if the mountain is covered by a dense fog. The only thing that matters to them is that they can hit the slopes in style! 


One thing's for sure, they are an encyclopedia of the ski world, so if you come across one of them, you can ask them anything, and they'll surely have the answer. 


The Gear Obsessed




The spoilsport or Lodge Lounger

This person will look for any excuse not to hit the slopes or even step foot on the ski resort. But they reluctantly end up taking the chairlift to make everyone else in the group happy as, it is a ski holiday after all!


This person will not participate in the chat group to organize the ski holiday, but will definitely have loads to complain about once they are there. When you manage to drag them out of the hotel or lodge, they'll make excuses to ski down a slope and will happily spend the day sipping coffee on a terrace until lunchtime. And if the rest of the group wants to continue skiing after lunch, they'll quietly disappear and head back to their hotel room or lodge. 



Your spoiltsport, "enjoying" a day on the slopes




The Gadget Obsessed

This type of skier doesn't have an exact profile. They can be of any age and have different tastes in hobbies and have different levels (first-time skier, advanced, etc). What they all have in common is that they have all the ski gadgets you can think of.

They'll have downloaded an App to track their performance of the day and will surely have a Go-Pro to record the highlights of the day and will probably make a video of the best moments after their ski holiday, at home with another App. 


The Gadget Obsessed in action




The Lodey Doveys

This type of traveller will do absolutely everything with their partner on holiday: take selfies, go to the spa, check the map, do an activity, etc

When planning a ski holiday, they'll prioritize the romantic setting over anything else and will only stay in a hotel spa with a good restaurant and bar where they can chill after a day of going cross-country skiing together. 



The Lovey Doveys




The happy skier

We adore this type of skier! Anything goes!  They are always happy and will see the positive side of everything. They don't mind if the queue is a mile long, the slopes are crowded or their favourite restaurant on the slopes is closed. As long as they're having a good time with the people they are travelling with, nothing else matters.

This person usually carries a backpack with loads of goodies and "just in case" items so that they always have a solution to make sure everyone feels as happy as they are.


The happy skier




The "Locals"

These skiers know the ski resort by heart. They know where the best snow is depending on the time of the ski season and will have made sure hit the slopes before everyone else does. They also know where the secret spots are where you can head to in the afternoon to avoid the crowds that are skiing down the most popular slopes.


Not only that, but they are also super friendly and love to share their knowledge of the ski resort with you. 


The "Locals"



Bigfoot skier

Bigfoot mini skis, named after their 12- to 16-inch-long foot shape, they were super popular in the late 1990s.


There aren't many left, but even today you'll probably come across one of them between the end of December and beginning of January.


Back in the day, when they first started skiing, they didn't take lessons, and they definitely didn't like carrying skis. When they discovered bigfoot they thought it would be a good thing. They tend to be part of a larger group of skiers, travel with their family or friends, who like to go on a ski holiday. While the rest of their group go together and have a great time on the slopes, the Bigfoot skiers, like to ski alone on blue slopesstopping very often in the middle of the slope and looking at the other skiers as if they were objects in the way! ;-)




Bigfoot skier


What did you think of our article on the types of skiers? Has this got you thinking of your friends and family when they hit the slopes? Why not give them a call or start a group chat to plan your ski holiday for season 2022/2023? 



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