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SkiPallars: positive results during Christmas and New Year

Already in Ecuador for Christmas and Reyes, Espot stations and Port Ainé their best Christmas present after the snowfall of January 1 in which fell between 5 and 10 inches of snow dust. Looking weekend preparing various activities aimed at families and with the arrival of Their Majesties the Kings as the main course.

Celebration of the Grand Prix Ski Espot

With the arrival of the new year begin skiing competitions in skiing Espot station and its famous competition stadiums. On 3 and 4 January there will be another edition of the Grand Prix Ski Espot, part of the calendar of the 30th Child Catalan League. More than 150 runners in the category of children from all over Catalonia II played on Wednesday a special slalom with two runs in the track "La 2" and a giant slalom on Thursday in "The Stadium".

The station Espot season starts and Alpine skiing event, which this year is a fairly comprehensive calendar with statewide races, FIS races and placed in the holding horizon week 11 to March 17 Championships Telemark World 2013.

Arrival of Their Majesties the Three Kings in Espot and Port Ainé

As is tradition, this year 2013 we will receive the visit of Their Majesties the Three Kings in Espot stations and Port Ainé. Specifically arrive on 3rd January in Port Ainé station, where they receive a torchlight descent from 18:00 hrs and chocolate for attendees. On January 5, make visits and gift-giving season in Port Ainé Espot afternoon and will be the torchlight parade (18:00 hrs), chocolate and gift-giving.
This activity will be close to the activities of the Christmas holidays.