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Sierra Nevada reaches the largest ski area face the bridge Andalucía Day

Sierra Nevada reaches the bridge of the Day of Andalusia in the best time of the season with all its operating systems open the half-pipe and celebrates the Festival in the Snow. On Friday, February 28, will take place the concert of singer Marina Heredia and MagoMigue Illusionist (Saturday, March 1) in the air-conditioning bus parking tent, highlight of the weekend.

The station has reached its largest ski area with 104km of the season of open runs, preparing the opening of the halfpipe that was the last installation just open this season and preparations for the Festival in the Snow with singer Marina and the illusionist Wound MagoMigue as protagonists.

Thus, Sierra Nevada, if weather conditions do not prevent it, come the weekend at his best of the season in quantity and quality of snow, especially after the snow last Monday that left four inches of new snow in all areas, which greatly improved the quality of snow tracks and allowed the opening of most of its skiable terrain.

In that sense, those responsible for the snowpark Sulayr finalize these days halfpipe preparation, the facility still remained to incorporate freestyle offering Sierra Nevada. During the day today, the special machine that conditions halfpipe (monster pipe) began to outline the walls in order to open the 'half pipe' next Saturday.

With open halfpipe, Sierra Nevada will have the full Sulayr snowpark with jumps and line modules Europe's longest at full capacity for users and for commercial and official events to be held there for the next two months.

One more weekend, the track will return to the Sea epicenter of activities for children and families of Sierra Nevada and the chikiclub restaurant, next to the control tower Borreguiles.