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Secret places you didn't know about Andorra


Whenever I prepare a holiday, I do an extensive search on the destination's secret places and also visit those where there's not many tourists. I like to discover places that only those who live on the site know. Being one of those privileged who has visited an incredible place that no one else knows! So if you'd like to do something similar, keep on reading as I am going to reveal to you those secret places in Andorra that you cannot miss. Take note!

I am going to provide you with a guide with some of the best places to see in Andorra, this will help you prepare your next holiday in the mountains and discover unknown and exclusive places!


Welcome to one of the smallest and more charming countries in the world!



Have a drink and cheer up


If you want to have a good cocktail and a good pica pica in style and feel in heaven in Andorra, you cannot miss the places that I am going to show you!


The Borda del Pi

This hut in Canillo is a unique place. It consists of a chalet located at 1,890 meters above sea level in the heart of the Montaup Valley, a privileged area, surrounded by nature. If you are passionate about nature and tranquility, this place will be idyllic for you!




La Borda del Pi is a stone and wooden hut located in a multifunctional space. it is a perfect place to have different events such as weddings, anniversaries, private parties, filming, gastronomic events and a many more. It is a top place to go to eat or to have a drink ;-)




I really like this place because it is different and you can breathe a lot of calm. Ask for something, get comfortable on one of the sofas made with pallets and enjoy the views with the best company!



Plan B

Plan B is an aparthotel that it stands out because of its rooftop! Plan B is located in the commercial heart of Andorra la Vella and offers you incredible views of the centre and the famous Pont de Paris.


It is a small but cozy terrace where you can be served both food and drinks and with a bit of luck listen to live music. This rooftop-bar is the key if you have spent the afternoon shopping in the city center and you just want to chill and enjoy the amazing views. Of course, it's not cheap place.





The Rooftop Van by Daguisa Hotels


The RoofTop Van is located on the sixth floor of the Hotel Golden Tulip Andorra Fénix , in Escaldes-Engordany. Ideal to grab a snack at noon, a quick and informal meal at any time of the day or a cocktail or a glass of cava or champagne while enjoying the views that it has to offer.



Personally, I would highly recommend you to go after six in the evening as then you will be able to witness the sunset from a privileged spot. Also, in this case, the prices are better and more affordable.


The main attraction of this terrace, apart from the views, is the customized food truck that gives this establishment its name. This offers a totally casual menu where you can find: hamburgers, salads, charcuterie and cheese boards, sandwiches and snacks such as french fries, cockles, razor clams or mussels ;-)




Discover the best views


Andorra is a country full of viewpoints and spots from which the landscape is impressive! For this reason, I am going to introduce you to two of my favorite viewpoints that are little known and a super secret place from which you can enjoy views that you have surely never been able to contemplate before!



Bullidor Toll Trail


In order to enjoy this place, you will have to follow a 860 meters path. The route begins at the Molleres bridge, near the Meritxell roundabout (going up towards Canillo).



The environment of the route is idyllic, you are constantly surrounded by forest and nature. Along the way you will find a bench, that will mean that you have reached the first viewpoint from which you can see Meritxell and its sanctuary.

If we continue advancing we will find some stairs that go down. You just have to go down the stairs that will take you to the spectacular Toll del Bullidor waterfall. In this case, it is not only pleasing to the eye, but you can also enjoy the song of the birds and the constant sound of the water.


Sabina Rock viewpoint


I like this viewpoint because it allows you to appreciate the destructive passage of the avalanche that fell in 1996 in the town of Arinsal.




This spot is located at 1,896 meters above sea level, ideal for enjoying high-mountain birds such as the raven or the alpine accentor, among many others. If what you want is to unwind from the world and get away from the busy life, this is your place. Feel the breeze, while you contemplate the immense green meadows (or white, depending on the season) where you will probably see cattle during the grazing season.




In addition, this place is also very cool because there are a couple of barbecues and tables here you can have a good meal or snack while sunbathing in peace.



Secret Location near the Church of Sant Jaume de Cortals


I have decided to leave this place for last because it ios one of my favourites and I want it to be EXCLUSIVELY for those of you who have read this far.


This place is really beautiful and ideal to go with your couple or as a family and watch the sunset. To access this site that I am creating so much hype about, you have to take the road that goes to Els Cortals d'Encamp.


In one of the curves that turn to the right you will have to stop and park in a space with a dirt floor to leave the vehicle. First you will come across the church of Sant Jaume dels Cortals, located in the Llaus forest. Personally, it is one of my favorite churches, both for its aesthetics and interior design, as well as for its structure and exterior façade, which is perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape and environment.




Once you have seen the building, it's time to go straight ahead for a few meters until you reach the end where you will find a safety railing. There you have to stay and contemplate the unbeatable panoramic view. In addition, there is an ideal support (which I will tell you about later) to leave the mobile with the timer and take a photon. If you go around seven in the evening I assure you that you will be able to enjoy a spectacular range of colors in the sky. You will not regret it!



Plan something that only you know



Dare to cross a Tibetan bridge


Andorra, beyond shops and being an ideal destination for skiing, offers hundreds of corners lost in nature and this is one of them.




To access this bridge you will have to go towards Encamp and drive up to kilometer 8 of the Els Cortals d'Encamp road, near the Intermitja del Funicular. Once there you will see a climbing wall. From there you just have to follow the path that goes down until you reach the Tibetan bridge.




Now, do you dare cross it? I dare you to get to the middle of the bridge and look straight ahead. The views are unbelievable!




If you like to go on excursions, at this point, if you cross the bridge, you can start the Fonts del Campea route. An easy level excursion that you could do on snowshoes at this time of year. Oh, and I forgot, on the way to the beginning of the route, on the same road to Els Cortals d'Encamp there is a picnic area with barbecues and plenty of tables. Ale, you already have a plan for the whole day.



Go up in snowshoes to the Pla de la Cot and put on your boots



If you like sports and like to eat well, you will love this plan. In addition, it is an activity that tourists do not know much about… Dinners at the Pla de la Cot restaurant in Vallnord Pal-Arinsal! This activity consists of climbing the slope of La Serra de Pal in a snow shoe, skiing or snowshoeing until you reach the restaurant. The path is very beautiful and is marked with little lights, and if you look at the sky you are amazed at the number of stars you can see...


(I recommend that you book well in advance so that you can choose a full moon night!)






There you can enjoy their yummy menu. Some delicious starters (I honestly wasn't sure what they were), a good meat or if you're a cheese lover like me, you can order a raclette or a fondue!


Once you've restored your energy, you can begin the descent. Please note to take a headlamp because you'll need it to go back down, skiing, walking, on snowshoes or even doing the croquette (it wouldn't be the first time I've seen it). This is an ideal plan to do with friends or family, you are going to eat delicious and laughter is 100% guaranteed ;-)





Take the best selfie in Andorra


If you want to discover all the magic corners of this Principality, go ahead and take the selfie route. In Andorra you have 35 phone holders to take unforgettable selfies in the most emblematic places. Five holders in each parish (Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra la Vella, Escaldes-Engordany, La Massana, Encamp, Ordino and Canillo) that will allow you discover and get to know different scenarios such as natural environments, panoramic viewpoints, the Romanesque art of the country or the urban centre.


It is an activity designed to be done independently or with the family. The only thing you need to discover all Andorra's corners is a charged mobile phone, place it on the holder, set the timer and show your funniest face.




Are you ready for some action?