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Port del Comte reinforces its artificial snow system

Gone are those seasons in which users complained about the rapid transformation of the snow on the slopes that forced them to do real pirouettes to pass depending on which sections. For years, the managers of the Port del Comte ski resort have been focusing their efforts on ensuring the conditions for skiing.


Thus, one of the first actions that took place was the sowing of the tracks. Anyone who can approach the Port del Comte ski resort in summer will see that there is a true green carpet that runs the width and length of many of the slopes. This ensures that with a minimum thickness you can ski safely, in addition to not finding stones or other elements in the paths.


At the same time, the artificial snow system has been reinforced. The Port del Comte ski resort currently has 256 artificial snow cannons, and these days they are adding 5 more units of these devices. They will be low consumption, because another of the initiatives that those responsible for this winter complex have embraced is sensitivity to the environment and being as ecological as possible.


According to the newspaper Regio 7, these new 5 guns are being placed at the lower levels of the resort. On slopes that suffer more from snow conditions throughout the season.


And it is that the objective, obvious, is that the maximum number of operating days can be offered , especially in these areas where beginners usually gather and take classes. Those responsible for the Port del Comte ski resort are confident that it will be a good season despite the coronavirus pandemic. In summer they have seen how many families have opted for the mountains to spend their vacations, and they hope that in winter it will follow the same trend.


If nothing goes wrong, they will try to open for the Puente de la Puríssima. If it can be earlier, they will. In fact, the snowfalls that have been falling give hope that the season can start a few days before. There are several snowfalls that have already been registered, and although the snow has quickly disappeared, at least it is serving to cool the ground a lot, and that the next storms if they leave a white blanket that remains.


Port del comte imagen nocturna