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Naturlandia wants to stop being Naturlandia

What is Naturlandia? What was born as a cross-country ski circuit under the name of Camp de Neu Rabassa , today has become a center for outdoor activities related to mountains and snow. Perhaps this would be the most accurate description, but from the new direction of the Andorran equipment they want to specify more and know exactly what type of public they can go.


To that snow circuit, a zoo specialized in mountain animals was added. A type of offer that is beginning to be questioned in many large cities and that they also do in Naturlandia. In fact, one of the first proposals that Xabier Ajona put on the table when he held the position of Director a few months ago, was to dismantle the zoo. But reality runs into two issues. One of them is that it is difficult to find another place where these animals can be accommodated. It is not a question of releasing them freely through the forest without more. The other reality is that 17% of the people who come to Naturlandia still do so through the Animal Park, and this is something that Ajona has recognized that cannot be ignored.


In any case, the new management values positively this summer so complicated by the pandemic and in which, due to deadlines, they have hardly been able to implement new features. And it is that although the affluence has lowered logically, the consumption of each customer has increased by 25% .


There is a base now on which to continue working to develop new products, so Ajona does not rule out that in the medium-term future, not only the logo, but also the Naturlandia name will have to be changed to another more appropriate to the new one. offer. What is becoming increasingly clear is that you want to promote skiing in winter. On the one hand bringing long-distance competitions , and even later a World Cup event. Another modality is the mountain one , capturing a series of fans who can go up with their skis through totally virgin mountains and connected to a route of refuges.


Naturlandia quiere dejar de ser Naturlandia