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Lily, the drone that can record you skiing

This Winter you can share your best moves and experiences thanks to a new "drone" that is considered to be a revolution in the market of video cameras. This way, you can share your lastest trip to the snow in Grandvalira with friends and family via social networks. 


Lily is the name of this new creation that features GPS tracking and will record sports' sessions in the Ski Resorts as well as sessions of summer adventure events. The user will have a sensor to wear as a bracelette or carry in the pocket so that the drone can monitor every move. 


This device won't miss any details out during your descent as it offers an excellent visual recording. It is very similiar to the famous Go-Pro Hero 3 andm is resistant to water.


As it is a novelty, at the moment it is still being improved before its big launch.  The creators say that in the future they will add another feature that will allow Lily to follow the users though a facial tracking system.


Lily starts to run by simply throwing it into the air and stops recording by pressing a button on our sensor. 


We can't wait for the launch of this done so you can share your experiences with others and also with us through our social networks.

Here is a video where you can see Lily in action. Are you as eager as us to try it out?