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I Success Winter Duathlon accessible to the disabled Molina

On Sunday March 23 the accessible I Duathlon was held with the presence of Nani Roma. The event, organized by the very foundation of the pilot, the Play and Train Association and La Molina, was a success with a total of 88 participants and more than 200 people who do not want to miss the event.

In addition participants were able to experience the pilot into the car and make the characteristic "tops" in the parking Alp 2500. The event was a race that combined ski run and being accessible to all. The format of the race was innovative, with the aim of promoting that anyone, regardless of disability, could join the Duathlon. Different teams of elite athletes with disabilities and volunteers were organized.

Early in the morning the competition between the car and the track Gondola Bosquet was performed and then enjoyed a meal in the picnic area. There the awards ceremony attended by Enric Ticó, President of Railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Albert Solà, Director of Tourism and FGC Mountain, Ramon Miller, Mayor of Alp and Toni Sanmartí, Director of the station was Skiing, accompanied by Nani Roma and Oriol Pujol. The event was attended, among others, the adventurer Albert Bosch and Luis Capdevila, 2 times world champion adventure sports.

In the afternoon, attendees tested the car Nani Roma and this act ended the day full of emotions and in a festive atmosphere. Different activities such as zip lines Wheelchair Accessible adventure park, sledding and tubbing were also organized. Weather accompanied the Sunday ceretana station where accumulated snow 5 cm ensuring Easter with enough snow.