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Grandvalira receives over 113,000 of skiers during the Epiphany week.

Grandvalira has registered more than 113,000 skiers during the week of 6th January From December 31st to January 6th, the day with the peak traffic have been the 3rd to 4th with 21,667 and 19,957 users respectively. Around the Christmas holiday period, the largest ski station in southern Europe has received 38,059 more visitors than last season, receiving an average of 17,090 skiers per day snow.
Regarding skiers, most come from nearby regions, mainly from Catalonia, Madrid and Valencia, among other regions of Spain, as well as international countries such as France, UK and Russia.
The general director of Grandvalira-Nevasa, Núria Tarré has welcomed the turnout recorded during the second part of the celebrations: "We are pleased because the success we've had was the planned for the week of the Three Kings celebration". She also added that "we are very pleased that all skiers who have visited have enjoyed Grandvalira and look forward to our ski slopes."
The station at full capacity during the Christmas and Epiphany
The skiers and snowboarders have been enjoying good weather until last Saturday, January 5 and open conditions between 85 and 90 tracks (about 80% of the ski area). Grandvalira has held a total of 175km with a snow level of between 20 and 70cm and 95% of the ski lifts in operation.