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Grandvalira and Vallnord are in the top 100 for best ski resorts in Europe!

Every year there are many different surveys to classify and rate the ski resorts to help skiers and snowboarders choose their next destination.


The German company called GoEuro wanted to make their own survey and so has posted the TOP 100 ski resorts in Europe and ... Grandvalira and Vallnord are in it!


Their exact positions are 57th place for Grandvalira and 59th for Vallnord. Not a bad ranking considering there was a total of 2.200 resorts in the survey.


The most important factors considered in this survey were: the value of the ski resort, accessibility, the variety of Après-ski and family-friendly resorts.


On the one hand, Grandvalira is very well rated for its price whereas Vallnord is well rated for its easy access to the different sectors of the resort (better than other more popular ski resorts).


Esquiades.co.uk wants to congratulate these two resorts for their recognition, Congratulations!


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