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Get your ski equipment ready for winter SEASON 2022


Get your Ski Equipment Ready for the Season!


The day to hit the slopes is finally here! don't let damaged, poor fitting or unusable gear ruin it for you or your family. Not being prepared with working gear will only add extra stress to an activity that is meant to be fun. In order to make your gear last longer and enhance your performance, it's important to make sure your gear is in proper condition and as ready to hit the slopes as you are.



Do you know if your ski gear is actually ready?





Start the season off right with a fresh coat of wax and sharp edges . If you stored your skis with a coat of wax at the end of last season, start with scraping the bases and removing any dirt or grime from spring skiing.




We recommend you to do a visual inspection, run your finger down the side of your skis to check out your edges , paying close attention to nicks (burrs) and rust! You should remove any burrs with a diamond stone.
Check the base of your skis, if they are dry or have furry looking areas it means they need a few layers of wax, it will make your first day back on skis much more fun.

If you don't feel like doing it yourself you can take your skis into a ski shop for a full tune-up . Stores like Decathlon offer a full service, including filling, edge sharpening and waxing for around € 30. So if you're not sure just take them to an expert to get them checked.





Visually inspect your boots and check for excessive wear on the heel and toe pieces as this can impact the way your boot interfaces with the binding.

You should always remove your boot liners and footbeds before using your boots again after an extended period of no use . This is to make sure no rodents or insects took up residence over the summer and to give them some much-needed air. Once aired out, replace the footbeds and liners and buckle the boots.

We recommend you to buckle your boots after removing them, the plastic has memory so keeping them buckled to keep them in shape .







Even if you only ski or ride a few times each year, you should consider a replacement if you've used it for 3-5 seasons . This is because the foam and plastics in helmets become less effective with age.

If you had a major fall or collision, replace your helmet right away. Even if there is no damage to the shell of the helmet, the foam interior can compress, which means less impact can be absorbed in the future.

Check for missing pads and either see if the manufacturer provides replacements or replace your helmet if not.






To make sure poles are still the right size for growing children, flip the pole upside down and have them hold underneath the basket. If the arm forms a 90 degree angle, the poles are a great fit. If the lower arm from the elbow down is dropping below the 90 degree angle, it may be time for a size upgrade.






With a new helmet often come new goggles, some goggles just don't work with some helmets. The top of the goggles should align with the botom of the helmet and there will no gap.

Reasons to replace your goggles? Fogging , scratched lenses , worn out elastic band or foam around the eyes is deteriorating.



Of course your local ski shop is always there to help, but having a basic understanding of how to prepare for the upcoming season will help you to ask the right questions to make your season SECURE AND ENJOYABLE!





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