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Formigal reaches two meters of snow and foresees a great skiing week.

It has been several days of heavy snowfall, but the sun finally came out in almost the entire Pyrenees. The slopes technicians have begun to assess the snow situation. Some slopes are closed in practically all the ski resorts, from this Monday, many of the ski resorts will start to opening most of their ski domains.


The risk of avalanches is 4 out of 5, and even 5 out of 5 depending on the areas. The positive part is that the snowfalls have left the ski resorts in very good condition, with slopes that can be enjoyed throughout the week with great weather, since the forecasts announce bright days.



The Cerler resort has opened today with 44 kilometers of tracks with almost one meter of snow. Sunday was a perfect skiing day, with clear skies and a great atmosphere, and also awesome powder on the slopes, it seems that this Monday the situation is going to repeat itself. The ski resort has opened the entire slope, from its highest point, Gallinero, to Cerler 1500. Among the highlights, the opening of the Enchanted Forest for the little ones and Snow Speed..


In Formigal - Panticosa , 63 kilometers were opened yesterday, and this morning they have reduced them to 43 kilometers, pending the completion of the evaluation of the entire ski perimeter. The Valley of Tena has already reached two meters of snow . The forecast is that today 70 ski kilometers will be finished, more slopes will be prepared throughout the week until they reach the 143 that they have.



Skiers who come to the Tena Valley, both the Formigal and Panticosa areas, will be able to enjoy a great day of skiing as the weather forecasts announce the establishment of the anticyclone for the next days.


In Teruel the sun also shone yesterday, and it will continue to shine today. This has been noticed in the influx of tracks. A lot of regular skiers who come from Valencia are taking advantage of the good weather, but also a lot of new customers at the Teruel resorts. Thus, both in Javalambre and in Valdelinares there has been a great 'atmosphere' on the slopes. In addition, in both resorts, the first modules of their Snow Parks have already been installed, perfect for enjoying the first pirouettes. Valdelinares has opened today with 14 kilometers, while Javalambre has opened it with 7, with thicknesses that reach one meter of snow.



On the other hand, in Candanchú the snow thickness already exceeds two meters, up to 220 centimeters of snow. His neighbor Astún with whom he shares the 100K Ski Pass has also reached two meters. At the moment, both resorts have opened 60 of their 100 kilometers of tracks, although tracks will be opened over the course of a week, with great weather conditions.