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Formigal and Panticosa inaugurate the Aramón Group's ski season this Saturday.

The Formigal Panticosa ski resort, which is part of the Aramón group, will open its slopes next Saturday, December 3, on a limited basis, though.
The snowfall in recent days and low temperatures have allowed the snow production systems to start up and the station teams are already working on the accumulated snow with plans of opening the slopes soon. 


On Friday, December 2, the exact details of the opening will be announced in a more precise part due to the proximity of the date, since they are trying to improve the current state of the tracks.
Intensive work is being done to prepare the snow that has fallen in recent days and thus be able to open the ski lifts in optimal conditions.
Although it is true that at first the opening is expected to be limited, work will be done so that, during the spanish bank holiday, the ski lifts of the Anayet, Portalet and Izas valleys are gradually opened.


On the other hand, at Cerler Ski resort the snow production systems are working under full load, with the forecast of opening their slopes on December 6, if conditions are met. The low temperature of the last few days has favoured the start-up of the snow cannons that will be working 24 hours a day.
Despite the recent snowfall, the ski resorts of Javalambre and Valdelinares, located in the Turolense Iberian System, do not meet -as of right now- the necessary conditions for skiing.