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Extreme driving on ice and snow in Vallnord-Arcalis

The Andorran resort organizes with Mercedes-Benz the third edition of the free test drive 4MATIC of safe driving in the parking Hortell. Taught by professionals of the German brand, they will resolve the doubts of the drivers in the field and basic notions shall be taught to avoid accidents on the road in adverse situations. Until February 20, you have time to do these test drives! 

In winter, the weather factors may cause some problems on the road. And this situation gets complicated when the displacements are to the ski resorts. Low temperatures cause the aparition of ice on the road, and that adds to the high probability that there is snow. To reduce these risks, Mercedes-Benz organized for the third year the free trial 4MATIC safe driving that can solve any situation driving in extreme conditions in Vallnord-Arcalís.

These sessions are offered until 20 February at the parking Hortell (Arcalis) and after receiving some theoretical concepts, students shall practice it in order to learn how to control the vehicle in situations of poor grip on ice and snow. It is in these situations that more attention must be present on the road.