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Expectations of success for the first festival

The Clear Days is the proposed new leisure Vallnord offers visitors this season. An experience based on music shows which will take place from 13.00 to 17.00 on the terrace of the restaurant-bar Getafix the Arinsal sector, which is complemented with après-ski events for the evening in the local village of Arinsal.

The first calendar event will take place on January 4 in the Arinsal sector and will feature performances of English singer and showman Lexter, the versatile guitarist Martin Ortiz and Aliment group. Also participate Natored DJ Edu and Jose Toro. The celebration will continue at the local Cisco's Arinsal, where from them twelve o'clock, the party Jägermeister The Clear Days will be held with DJs Tobias & Toro.

Joan Colominas, SCF Tourist Activities and organizer of the festivities, explains that the proposal is expected to have a very good host, "We hope that the first party a great success, as it coincides with a high occupancy date in different tourism markets and Vallnord, the Commune of La Massana and our sponsors have done a great promotion of the event. "

The The Clear Days initiative was inspired by the success of the festival of La Folie Douce, in the Alps, and summer parties outdoors, and has been developed in collaboration with SCF Tourism and José Toro, creator of events Activities W Barcelona hotel or in the North Hall Club in Moscow.

"We had a concern that we take the formula works so well in summer on the coast with beach bars and outdoor festivals, snow to some destination. We think of it during the day on the ski slopes and along with Vallnord, we created The Clear Days "says Colominas.

Despite being the first time Vallnord will host this event, the station has organized other recreational activities in its tracks, as the Big Snow Festival or Snowboxx, whose cartel has had artists and renowned DJ, and have attracted a lot of people. In fact, the March 23 comes a new edition of Snowboxx, which have already signed up over one thousand British.