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Esquiades Selection presents the Hotel Montblanc 3 *

Welcome to Esquiades Selection, a special selection in which we talk about the best ski hotels in the best ski resorts. Discover the hotel we have chosen for this week, check it out below.


Today we bring you the Hotel Montblanc 3*, this hotel has everything you need to enjoy a TOP ski holiday in Sierra Nevada. It is only 200m from the nearest cable car of the Sierra Nevada ski resort. less than a 5 minute walk! Located 40 km from the city of Granada. Don't miss out on our hotel & Ski Pass package and enjoy a day of skiing at the best price.




What are the main features of the Hotel Montblanc 3*?

❄ Located 200m from the cable car

❄ Ski locker in the room

❄ With a score of 7.1

❄ Breakfast and dinner buffet style 

❄ Games room in the hotel, Ski in the morning, Pool at night!

❄ Ideal for snow lovers who want to ski all day



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Please note that on Esquiades.com we're always searching for the best offers and give you the best service possible, that's why our team visits the accommodations to get to know them first-hand and thus offer you a unique experience.