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El Dorado Freeride, a four-star event in Vallnord

The first freeride international test of the peninsula, which has the best riders on the planet, celebrates its 15th edition this year with important novelties.

El Dorado Freeride is celebrated from 24 to 26 February in the Arcalís de Vallnord sector, since due to its northwest orientation, it has excellent snow conditions in its slopes off track. This is one of the maxims of the competition, since the daring skiers and snowboarders must avoid runners and natural steps of virgin snow, by a slope of about 55º of inclination during 400 meters. The jury will score the best steps, both in the qualifying and final stages of the EDF.

The competition takes place in three different summits that the participants do not know until the same week of the competition and welcomes more than a hundred riders seeking a place for the final of the FWT. And is that the EDF has been designated with 4 stars of the FWQ, the highest distinction in its 15th edition.

The best riders of the international scene will be present in the competition and each of them will strive to generate spectacle and win a place in the final. The scoring system applied in El Dorado Freeride is based on the guide of judges that publishes the International Ski Freeride Association (ISFA) and the manual of judges of the Freeride World Tour (FWT).

In this way, the judges value the general impression of the decline that implies 35% of the total score. The election of the line supposes a 25% of the note whereas the control and fluidity and the aggressiveness suppose, to equal parts, the remaining 40%. It is important to emphasize, also, that to compete it is indispensable to comply with safety measures and be equipped with the ARVA, shovel, probe and ABS backpack.

Source: Snowornever