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El Dorado Freeride: a success in Vallnord

Mathieu Bijasson and Alexander Hoffman, winners of the 15th edition of El Dorado Freeride in Vallnord-Arcalís

This Sunday the final of the 15th El Dorado Freeride was played in the Circus of the Port Rat of Vallnord-Arcalís. The 20 best riders who qualified during the day on Saturday have ascended by helicopter to the top before plotting the best descent, which was worth the triumph in the Andorran ski resort. The winners of this edition have been Mathi9eu Bijasson and Anna Khankevich in skiing and Alezanfer Hoffman and Manuela Mandl in snow.

The freeride extreme reference competition of the Pyrenees has lowered the curtain this Sunday morning in Vallnord-Arcalís. A competition that this year has received the rating of 4 stars of the Freeride World Qualifier of the world circuit of the specialty.

In the men's ski race, the winner was Frenchman Mathieu Bijasson, while Niccolo Zaratini (Italian) qualified second and Gillame Harleaux (French) third. In snow, the best valued by the judges has been the Austrian Alexander Hoffman. For his part, the Swede Christoffer Granbom (2nd) and the Swiss Mike Aeschbach (3rd) have completed the podium.

In the women's category, in skiing, the triumph was for the Russian Anna Khankevich, who has overtaken the Argentine Juliana Gonzalez (2nd) and the Swiss Letitia Mathez (3rd) in the final. In snow the winner was the Austrian Manuela Mandl ahead of the Finnish Mikaela Hollstein (2nd) and the French Anouck Mouthon (3rd).

It has been three intense days of the most extreme freeride at the Vallnord station, with great international representation, which was looking for a place for the Freeride World Tour. In this sense, the director of El Dorado, Joan Masferrer, said that "it is a pride to celebrate the 15th edition of this competition, receiving the highest rating of the FWQ.We have seen in action the best international riders who have offered an authentic show on the summits of Vallnord-Arcalís ".

The director of Vallnord, Martí Rafel, also highlighted the level of the participants. "It has been three days in which the good weather has accompanied us and there has been an excellent state of snow, to welcome, one more year, El Dorado Freeride, one of the competitions of reference of Vallnord".