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25 million euros to connect Pal and Arinsal

Although there is already a connection for the Pal Arinsal resort , the skier must take off the ski and get on a cable car or air bus. This gives the feeling of being in a single ski area and José Marticiella has decided that it is necessary to give the possibility of being able to move from one ski resort to the other skiing .


A project that years ago looked like a dream today has evolved to a palpable idea and with the aim of being carried out. Last year, the Strategic Plan of Pal - Arinsal was approved, marking the business lines of the resort for the next 20 years.


Teleferico pal arinsal


If the project finally came to fruition the two ski resorts would become a unique resort. The capital that must be invested to realize this "dream" has been estimated at around € 25 million , which is why the estimate of the construction has been planned for 10 years .


For the union of the two ski resorts the investment would be used for the construction of 3 ski lifts , the installation of snow cannons to guarantee the snow in the connection and the adaptation of two tracks , one of them blue so that all kinds of skiers can use the connection without problems.

The resorts need much more economic capital and financial capacity . Although the investment of private capital is not ruled out, a push that would help them and possibly advance the terms of the project.