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Do you sign the Guinness World Mojito in Cerler next February 28th?

Aramón fight for the Guinness Mojito larger

During the weekend of February 28, the resort Cerler strive to achieve the greatest Mojito 3404 liters. This is the same meter high peak is Aneto. This amount is to be sought that the Guinness record. Professor School of Hotel Management Guayente, Jose Luis Samitier, and the ruler of Ice Mojito cocktail bar Benasque have been proposed to achieve the record honoring the highest peaks of the Pyrenees, the Aneto, with its 3404 meters of altitude . The current record is 2100 liters achieved in the Italian city of Lavagna on August 14, 2012 (according to sources from Guinness World Records).

For the development of this gigantic Mojito you need:

- 475 liters rum.

- 1335 liters soda.

- 1,924 kg of ice.

- 222 kg sugar.

- 370 kg of lime.

- 37 kg of mint.

- And a glass of 3450 liters capacity!

In addition, all achieved revenue by selling doses of this Mojito record will go to an NGO, the name of which will be confirmed soon.

The appointment is on Saturday 28 February, in Remáscaro cafe (at elevation 1,500 Cerler). Do not miss it!