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Discover all the news of Baqueira Beret for the season 18/19

Skiers and snowboarders visiting the Baqueira Beret ski resort this season can enjoy a new area called Baciver that adds another "B" to the classic sectors (Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua). With this extension the skiable terrain ascends to the 2.273 Ha.


The maximum level will be from 2,610 m from Cap de Baciver and the difference in elevation has increased to 1,100 m. This is due to the installation of the ski lift with the same name that increases the skiing kilometers to 165 and raises the number of tracks to 111 .


On the other hand, skiers who want to enjoy this season with their family will find a much more playful offers on tracks with the Beret Funpark . In addition, the innivación has been improved in several tracks including the snowpark Era Marmota. It should be noted that this year the FIS Snowboardcross World Cup will be held in March.


Baciver and the new ski lift


The mountain of Tuc de Baciver gives name to the new ski area in the part of its East face. This will be aimed at expert skiers from this season. Also, with the Baciver ski lift, the resort will gain 100 m of elevation gain reaching the highest point of Cap de Baciver (2,610 m). Therefore, a descent of more than 1,100 m will be offered to the base at Baqueira Beret 1500. The length of the new lift is 1.7 km!


5 New tracks


These five new clues will be all red . Among them stands out the track that bears the name of Baciver , since it has a height of 450 m , a length of 2 km and a slope of 19% . Hallucinatory! Even so, you will also find the tracks Ta Tq Baciver with a slope of 21% and Estanholes with 150 m of difference.


More about Beret Funpark


As we have mentioned before, a new track has been included, the Funpark that was already premiered in the middle of last season in the Beret area. The youngest (and not so small) can have fun in a track of 1,570 m long blue track with elements to enhance the fun: giant flowers and reproductions of native animals of the Pyrenees.


New pisa-tracks machines