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COVID passport 'measures' in the ski resorts of Andorra

The eternal debate on whether the retailer or restaurateur should control the customer is over in Andorra. The government of the Pyrenean principality announced o few days ago one of the COVID protocols, which is probably one of the most flexible protocols currently available in most of the countries.
It basically divides the different sectors by risk levels. RedOrange or Green. Only those with an activity that requires people to be more 'crowded', such as dance halls, nightclubs or concerts, are required to check that their customers have a valid COVID Passport. In other words, access is limited exclusively to those people who have been vaccinated, or recovered less than six months ago.
However, once inside any of the facilities, if you have checked that you are up to date with the COVID Passport, you'll be able to go about with your normal life. And this includes nightclubs, and in the case that concerns us most, apré-ski clubs.
Just as discos and concerts do have the obligation to request the COVID Passport, restaurants, bars or shops, as well as hairdressers and other establishments open to the public, do not have the obligation to request this certificate . Of course, if they request it, they will be able to recover 100% of the capacity and their customers can walk through these premises without a mask.
Those businesses that carry out their activity in an interior place that want to request the COVID Passport in order to recover 100% of the capacity and give more comfort to their customers, must put a sign on the door of the establishment warning that before entering they must check this Coronvirus Certificate.
And the ski resorts? Well, same thing here. To enter their restaurants, winter equipment rental shops or any indoor premises, they may or may not ask for the COVID Passport. If they do so, they must state it at the entrance, then they will be able to recover the 100% of the capacity and their clients will not have to be aware of having their masks on.

Terrace in Soldeu
Bar Terrace in Soldeu
The Government's announcement came out a few days ago so non of the ski resorts in Andorra; Grandvalira , Ordino Arcalís or Vallnord - Pal Arinsal have spoken yet. They must first establish a control protocol and who will be in charge of it. Also If they will have an employee in each restaurant for this task or not.

COVID protocols in Andorra


Red Level: Mandatory Access Control. Establishments with a dance hall, pubs or similar activities where dance activities or events of more than 1,000 people take place.


Orange Level: Optional access control to regain capacity and avoid the mask. Cultural and sporting events in indoor spaces with less than 1,000 people, catering establishments and bars, pubs or similar where dance activities are not carried out, thermal activities and spas, recreational and or random game rooms, hairdressers and beauty centres .


Green Level : No access control is necessary. All other ski areas and activity.



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