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World Cup in Soldeu Grandvalira

The Andorran domain has accepted the request of the International Ski Federation (FIS) to assume a giant that should have been played at the French station of Courchevel, and that was canceled in its day due to the weather. In this way, Andorra will have three official World Cup events in February: two Giants and Slalom, days, 10, 11 and 12. A great opportunity to attend the biggest show in the world of skiing.

Today, January 13, Mr. Francesc Camp, Minister of Tourism and the Environment, Mr. Josep Maria Raméntol, Vice President of the FAE and Mr. Conrad Blanch, General Director of the World Cup, appeared at the Press Conference. Female Ski Alpine Grandvalira Soldeu 2012 to confirm that Andorra will host the giant that was suspended in Courchevel.

The experience of the last European Cups and the good work done by the Andorran organization in the preparations for the World Cup has made an impact on the FIS, so those responsible for the world ski decided to ask the organizing committee to take another test. To the Giant and Slalom planned for days 11 and 12, another Giant will have to be added, which will be played on Friday the 10th, always on the legendary Andorran track Abeto. This is the female Giant that should have been played on December 17 at the French station of Courchevel, which finally had to be canceled due to excessive snow. Ironically, a week earlier they had canceled two World Cup events in Val d'Isère, also female ... For lack of snow! The changing weather conditions in the Alps (and specifically in France) have not been exactly benevolent this season, as they missed the only two women's tests that had been awarded to the Gallic stations.

Given the circumstances (an enormous amount of tests canceled in the calendar of December), the International Ski Federation (FIS) looked for the possibility of recovering these 'lost' tests. Hence his request to Grandvalira to accept accepting one of the Giants, to join the two official tests that were already planned in Soldeu. The response of Grandvalira, thanks to the support of the institutions, especially Andorra Tourism, has been up to the circumstances, and has accepted the request of the FIS to hold it in its domain.

As explained by MI Sr. Francesc Camp, Minister of Tourism and Environment, "organizing this third test should help Andorra to have more competitions and that is why from the Ministry we have supported the acceptance of the giant attending the television audience of the test." Making three tests increases the number of spectators and the possibility that skiers from all over the world know us as a top-level snow tourist destination, is a very important challenge. "

Thus Grandvalira - Soldeu 2012 will have three tests of the highest world category and Andorra, which assumes the effort, will demonstrate to the whole world its capacity for maneuver and organization, since this change will force to modify the entire program planned in the first instance: one more test means one more day of competition and, therefore, an important change in the operation arranged by the organization.

Mr. Josep Maria Raméntol, vice president of the FAE, stressed that it is an honor that the FIS has had Andorra to recover the Courchevel test. "It shows that they believe in us and we hope that in the future they will trust again. It can be currency until 2015.

Mr. Conrad Blanch, General Manager of the Alpine Skiing Women's World Cup Grandvalira Soldeu 2012 explained that "one of the main reasons that led us to activate the World Cup project in Andorra was the international projection of the country since the Alpine circuit is a fantastic showcase to promote a snow destination and now, taking a third test increases this prestige. " Blanch added that "this acceptance generates in the organizing team a sense of complicity and we have said yes not only because of the illusion of taking on the challenge but because there is an accumulated experience of many people and institutions, a social and individual force that has given an extra energy to also value the economic point, despite the overexertion, given the motivation, we will take it forward. We have the support of the Andorran institutions such as the Government and the Comú of Canillo Parish as well as the official sponsors Crèdit Andorrà and Sport Hotels among other partners in the country. "

Grandvalira's yes is definitive, so the FIS is pleased to be able to recover a test that was initially lost and that was hardly recoverable, although with an added value: the female Giant is the test with the most television audience, surpassing even and All the male Descent. In this sense, Conrad Blanc has explained that an agreement has been reached between Infront and Televisió de Catalunya so that the sports channel Esports 3 retransmits the live tests. Thus, Grandvalira - Soldeu 2012 will be three consecutive days in the focus of the world of skiing.