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Christmas seasons come to Aramon

Christmas comes to stations Aramon Group with special programming across all resorts. In the near future, Cerler, Formigal, Subscribe, and Valdelinares Javalambre will receive in their facilities to families of skiers who enjoy a few days of vacation. For this reason, the seasons have prepared a complete animation tracks from 24th December to 6 January with celebrations, New Year's Eve celebration, night torchlight descents and a visit from Santa Claus and the Three Kings East, which roam the tracks on his skis waving and giving gifts to children.

Formigal inaugurate its "Christmas Special" on December 24 with Santa Claus Tour throughout the season, starting with Anayet, where it will arrive about 11 hours on a Nordic sled dogs. That visit to the children of Snow Garden and everyone can enjoy hot chocolate with Santa Claus from 12 noon. Younger will also have an appointment with Skity, the mascot of the group, to games and dances. Then Santa Claus will ski through the station and participate in any activity that Formigal offers as the "Snake Gliss" from 13 hours. Finally, at 14 hours, visit the hut Izas and end your tour at Sixth, about 15 hours.

The 2013 is going to fire all out in Formigal. To finish the year, on the terrace of Anayet begin on New Year's Eve party with live music 31 hand station DJs and entertainment for all ages. From 12 noon, coinciding with the time zones, the entry will be held in 2014 in various countries to the sound of the bells and grapes.

The party will continue in Marchica and 19.00 hours will be the lowering of popular torches Sextas A fireworks display will cap off the end of the day in the season, but hours will Tralala with New Year's Eve party favors. Formigal has also organized a day before the special Reyes. On January 5, their Majesties will ski with guests distributed gifts station and sweets among younger skiers.

Cerler receive the expected visit of Santa Claus on Wednesday, December 25, 11 to 14 hours. Having gone through all households giving gifts, Santa Claus makes a stop in Cerler, first in El Molino, distributing gifts among young skiers and Ampriu to end in 14 hours, visiting children Snow Garden.

To close the Christmas program, on 5 January, the station will receive the Magi Kings. Throughout the week, the smaller will be entertained at the Skity area with games that the station has prepared for them.

Subscribe Aramon be another Santa stops. On 26 December, the winter resort will have its presence on tracks to wave and distribute gifts to children who are skiing on Subscribe. On 5 January, Their Majesties The Magi also visit the valley station of Tena.

Aramon Aramon Valdelinares Javalambre and also host a visit from Santa Claus on December 25, which will visit stations giving gifts to all the children. As a final touch to the Christmas program, the Magi Kings also come to the Teruel stations on January 5, from 12 am to greet all the children who are there.