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This February Boí Taüll has beat its own record for best snow conditions and total visitors

Boí Taüll is making the most of the great results of this past month of February. Despite it not being the best Winter season, the ski resort has managed to maintain good snow conditions throughout the ski season. As we can all imagine, the higher up the mountain you are, the better the snow conditions. There's practically 2 metres of snow on the top ;)


The good conditions added to the pleasant weather, have been a fantastic combination and therefore, we can say that February has been the best month of the last decade. We haven't seen these numbers for 10 years. Throughout this month of February there have been days with peaks of 4,000 skiers , specifically on the weekend of 22 and 23. Those two days the skiers were able to enjoy 100% of the ski area, as the weather was very good.


Boí Taull


However, since the season began, 114,850 days of skiing have already been registered in the highest season of our Pyrenees. The excellent snow conditions, with thicknesses of about 90 cm. in the low levels of the resort and the 180 cm in the high levels, and the excellent weather have been without a doubt, the factors that have offered these good results that will undoubtedly follow after the snowfall they have just received.


In the words of David Ros, Director of Boí Taüll,

"We are very satisfied with the recent numbers for this month of February, in addition, the weather and snow conditions, we believe that the effort of the entire team of the resort and the good management that we are having together Mountain Assets and FGC, have been decisive. And of course, we want to thank the skiers who have chosen Boí Taüll and have made it possible to obtain these excellent results.
We face with very good expectations this month and a half that we have ahead and even more, with the last snowfall that has left us + 30cm of snow at the resort. ”


Below, a comparative chart of the ski days in the month of February of the last 10 years:


2009 34,370
2010 32,573
2011 32,163
2012 23,333
2013 23,202
2014 23,363
2015 28,201
2016 27,349
2017 35,928
2018 33,094
2019 35,746
2020 44,742