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Aramon ski station opens the selection of workers for the winter season

The Aramon business group begins the process of recruitment for the 2014-2015 season in all seasons: Cerler and Formigal, in the Aragonese Pyrenees, and Javalambre Valdelinares in Teruel and saw, with about 400 seats filled.

As in previous years, the Aragon Institute of Employment (INAEM) assists in the selection process of about 150 jobs, expandable if additional vacancies arising during the period in which the calling and selection of workers is made to previous seasons complete all seats.

To apply for the position is accessible to group page by clicking here.

The Aramon Group, which is immersed in the preparation of the new ski season, offering more than 20 types of jobs including jobs in hospitality, information and customer service lift systems, tracks, lockers are, snow garden, holiday, snow cover, etc.

Other posts focused on entertainment and learning skiers such as animation and events or ski instructor also offered. Aramon easy enrollment and access to offers from your page web .
Once enrolled, with an email address and password you can access whenever needed in the application and modify it or change it if required. They can also check the status of the same.

The registration process on the website of employment will remain open until October 20. Then, start the phone contact with shortlisted candidates for interviews.

During the winter season the total workforce of Aramon can reach 800 plus employees and about 13,000 indirect jobs in the regions where their stations are present are created.