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Aramon plans to open this weekend with 27 Km of pistes

The ski Cerler opens this coming Friday, December 20th, the highest point of the season with the opening of Canal coop.

The track, red level, with 2.5 miles and 500 vertical meters, is operated by the work of snowmaking machines and the ski center has made in that area.

With this new opening, skiers will be available to the highest point of Cerler and one of the emblems of the season.
The track starts from the top of the lift and this opening coop can make a continued decline from 750 meters of altitude, almost Olympic downhill (800m) 4 km long, up to the Llano del Ampriu.

With the commissioning of this track reaches 27 kilometers of skiable terrain with 15 lifts open this weekend.

Jobs are being very productive snowmaking equally in the Rincon del Cielo and Basibé, so these would be the following areas that would open to skiers.
If environmental and weather conditions permit (new snow tomorrow advertised) the number of tracks in the coming days will be extended.

What is the "Chicken Coop"?

Since the installation of chairlift Chicken in 1992 have been drawn on the slopes of the northern slope fifteen tracks that give access to blue, red and black runs. It has also made ​​possible, in addition, the station has the longest decline in Spain: the now famous "9km" nine miles, beginning at the top of Coop, 2,630 meters, and ends at the Mill, 1500 meters.

If you had not plan for this weekend, Aramon awaits! We also want to remind you that the SkiBus disponéis from Zaragoza. For more information click here .