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Aramon is prepared for the arrival of the Carnival

This weekend Formigal station will pour the Retro Vintage aesthetic with activities for all ages. And if you are someone who will fully dressed in Aramon Subscribe receive coupon price "Crazy Day". The finale on Saturday will put drops in Cerler torches and Aramon Javalambre.

The ski resorts of Aramon Group are preparing for the arrival of the Carnival this weekend. All ski resorts have prepared a wide range of activities for all ages. Live music, DJs on tracks, activities for younger, torchlight descents and sports competitions are some of the highlights this Saturday, March 1, presented Cerler, Formigal, Subscribe, and Valdelinares Javalambre.

For this 2014 season has prepared Benasque Valley on Saturday from 12-hour "Bajada Carnavalera ".
Skiers descend from Colladeta dressed up Cerler 1,500 and will be able to get a 2x1 gift pass.

The kids have their party in the plain Ampriu from 12.30 to "face painting Carnavalero ". Then the music will sound in Remáscaro from 15.30 of the very "Pike perch and Electric Eels " where the blues, soul and rock are mixed in a very special way.

After reviewing all skiers costumes, to 17 hours will be announced to winners who will participate in a mini slalom Remáscaro.

The day will end like every year with a torchlight parade. From 18:30 torches will be collected at the base of the ski lift and then ski down mill and finish with a warm and home for all attendees chocolate cake.
The Telemark also be starring in the season the weekend of Carnival with Telemarkeada IX. Guided by the ski resort, and market test material, technical workshops, joint downs and a classic sprint Tours await lovers of this sport from Friday February 28 to Sunday March 2.

In Formigal station Carnival will live under the theme Retro Vintage. The station will be set in this aesthetic and skiers are encouraged to come dressed in the same theme. Various activities to door especially for the kids as well as DJs and live music on the terrace of the station will encourage the carnival day skiers. To end the day, Apres-ski bar Marchica has prepared a great feast of Carnival. The costume party will continue at night in the room Tralala.

Subscribe in Aramon is gratify to go skiing completely disguised with a voucher price "Crazy Day " to be used any day of the rest of the season.

In Teruel stations Carnival will be celebrated with various events. On the one hand, Saturday, March 1, took place on Javalambre Social Challenge, in early fry categories fry I and II, I and II children, senior, veterans and snowboard.

In addition to the Social Challenge is held, also on Saturday, I saw Javalambre Crossing from 16.30 hours. The test was developed in circuit 650 vertical meters and runs along tracks Lapiaz station sector. In addition, at the end of the race, a sprint race on the track The Wall will be performed, with succulent hams as prizes to the fastest.

Also in the afternoon, after 17 hours, the terrace Lapiaz Aramón Javalambre vibrate to the rhythm of the music group Team D'Luxe. The day will conclude with an evening torchlight parade by Amanaderos track.