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Aramón increases its skiable surface to 111km and 103 tracks open

Precipitations are expected that can accumulate up to 10 cm in the stations of Huesca starting Thursday night and about 5 cm in the Teruel from Friday. Aramón Cerler will increase its skiable surface reaching 34 kilometers.

Aramón Cerler will increase its skiable surface next weekend until reaching 34 skiable kilometers. It will have 15 ski lifts, 24 tracks and snow powder quality at all levels. The winter center will continue working in the area of Rincón del Cielo to be available for skiers as soon as possible.

Aramón Formigal , maintains, next weekend, 51 skiable kilometers, with 44 tracks and 20 ski lifts along the four valleys that make up the station. In addition, it has thicknesses between 30 and 60 centimeters of powder - hard snow quality.

Aramón Panticosa has 7 skiable kilometers, 15 pistes and 9 open lifts with a powder - hard snow quality.

The good weather conditions of the turolense mountains make it possible for Aramón Javalambre and Aramón Valdelinares to increase their skiable surface for the weekend and that the thickness of both stations is close to the meter of powder snow, the best for skiing. Aramón Valdelinares will present 9 skiable kilometers, 10 tracks and 11 ski lifts. For its part, Aramón Javalambre will have almost 10 kilometers, 10 open slopes and 7 ski lifts.