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All the latest Aramón Group snow season 2015/2016

It seems that Aramón, the snow group of the Aragonese Pyrenees, is on a roll. Yesterday morning all the representatives met to present the novelties for the 2015/2016 snow season under one premise: ski for everyone .

Aramón demonstrates once again the reason why the skiers who visit this location of snow are so satisfied. In fact, as we told you a few days ago, they were in charge of awarding the prize to Cerler as the best Spanish ski resort , for the second year in a row, at the World Ski Awards .

And is that as it says its motto "Be as you are we have a mountain for you", which is your favorite?. Here we present all the news they have prepared for you to enjoy, one more year, what we like the most: skiing .


New facilities and remodeling of restoration points

The Aramón group has carried out renovations in some of the restaurants and cafeterias frequented by the different ski resorts. For example, the restaurant / café Ampriu and the interior of the Burguer Colladeta have been enlarged.

Three new points of restoration have also been built: a new chocolate shop in Portalet, a new barbecue in Anayet and another in Petrosos. But one of the best news for the entire Esquiades.com team, a remodeling of the Marchica's terrace . There is still a smile when we remember our AprèSki experience in Formigal .

But one of the most important developments is the construction of two new medical centers . One in Formigal and the other in Cerler . The latter incorporates a new X-ray room, at the foot of the track and with easy access.

Estación de esquí Cerler

Best offer in Aramón for children and snowboarders in Aramón

The smallest skiers of the house are celebrating since the snow stations located in the Aragonese Pyrenees have also presented novelties directed especially for them .

In Cerler the area reserved for them has been improved with the Mini Snowspeed circuit , where they can measure their maximum descent speed. In addition, the track of "El Bosque Encantado" has been remodeled with new elements so that they have a great time. And that's not all! In Panticosa a new zone has been built for the delight of the smallest skiers named "El Bosque Animado" .

As for the snow gardens, all of them have been unified in the Anayet Valley to offer greater comfort to all users who want to use this service for children from 6 months.

Finally, snow lovers can not miss the appointment in Panticosa since they have built "Fobas Park" , the first Snow Pard , which offers modules for all levels.


Aramón Javalambre and Aramón Valdelinares continue to grow

The snow stations of Teruel are betting on those who have a first contact with the snow and the family audience. In addition, this year we also have ski offers in these destinations!

In Valdelinares the Skity area has been built, a place for mini skiers. In addition, the accesses within the ski resort and the facilities at the foot of the slopes such as the restoration points and the health care center have been improved.

On the other hand, the Javalambre ski resort wants to offer an unforgettable experience to beginners skiers in their new green track called "Apprentices" . Ski novices will enjoy unparalleled views of "El Balcón de Javalambre" while they are skiing. As in Valdelinares, a Skity Park has also been built and the services of Sabina's chocolate shop and chocolate shop have been remodeled, as has the health center.

Landscape VALDELINARES_mini

Experiences in Aramón beyond skiing

The Aramón Group wants to offer a season 2015/2016 to remember and has prepared collaborations with some well- known brands with special activities .

In March a musical event is being prepared with Coca-Cola Music Experience. For the little ones, they have planned a collaboration with Disney and the Journey of Arlo to live an interactive adventure in the Pyrenees.

Movistar is another of the brands that do not want to miss the appointment and is preparing unique experiences "beyond skiing" and finally, Ibercaja presents a musical festival with the intention of becoming a benchmark of the national scene of events for young people.

What we have clear is that for now we will have to wait to know all the details of these events. Although good, we can finally say that the wait will be appetizing and is that this Saturday November 28 and open the ski resorts of Aramón . What are you waiting for to reserve one of our ski offers in the Aragonese Pyrenees ?