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A week of heavy snow in Baqueira Beret with thicknesses up to 175 cm

So is! The big players these days in the ski resort of Val d'Aran has been, without doubt, snow. The week began with the arrival of a cold front left behind 20 cm of snow in the valley.


Then snowfall reappeared on Tuesday leaving a generous 40 cm more, a treat for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. On Wednesday, members of Baqueira Beret say that "the word -ideal- falls short to set the day we have lived" because of the great weather of the season.


So how it is presented the weekend in Baqueira Beret ? With 34 lifts of the open season and almost 100% of its ski slopes available to visitors, it will be an almost must-see!


And if all this were not enough, on 20 February, the competition was Baishada Ill Quattro, an event in which to participate federated or non-skiers will be held. Some of the tests to be performed are: parallel, super-g, jumping, flying kilometer, giant and Ski Cross.


Nevada Baqueira Beret