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A flood of news in Baqueira Beret

Baqueira is being renewed. The Val d'Aran ski resort presents some good news for the 2017/2018 season. The main news is the entire remodeling of the Del Bosque cafeteria, but there have also been other more qualitative ones, such as the expansion of the snow production system and the improvement of the slopes.


Cafeteria del Bosque


The most important novelty is the refurbishment of the Del Bosque cafeteria, located at 1,800m over sea level. The facilities, that have always been distributed on different floors, now they are only in one, giving birth to a new zone called Free-Flow. In this way, skiers can serve themselves food.


The highest part of the cafeteria has different panoramic terraces. Exclusive spaces with privileged views of the Ruda area and the Val d'Aran.


The renovation of the cafeteria not only affects the space, but also the gastronomic offer. The commitment to quality is reflected in the proposals such as pizzas, grilled meats and the daily dishes made in a kitchen that is also bigger.



162 skiable kilometres


This ski season, Baqueira Beret renews two of its snow treading machines, one of them specifically for the SnowPark. The snow system production has also been optimised by changing the snowblowers, which now produce more and consume less energy.


On the other hand, they have also been working on the Bonaigua and Baqueria sectors in order to facilitate the treading of the machines in case there is not enough snow, details that are decisive for the skier to find the tracks in the best conditions. In conclusion, the resort now reaches 157 km that are marked out, and another 5km on itineraries. In total, 162km for skiing.



North Face and Beret

On the northern side of Baqueira, the Cara Nord track has also been widen where the narrowest spaces are. This facilitates access to intermediate level skiers. A new small diagonal has been made, the new track Blanqueta, which connects with the lower part of the Nere Tube.


Work has also been carried out in the SnowPark area of ​​Beret and on some slopes of Saumet, in order to facilitate the machine work, especially at the beginning of the season, when the snow depths are smaller.


Finally, five low pressure snow cannons have been acquired and 196 old ones have been replaced with new ones with a higher production and lower energy consumption. In the area of ​​Argülls-Bonaigua, 23 shots have been enabled to connect the new cannons in different points, according to the needs, and three more shots at 1,800m of altitude.