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Self-Driving Ski Holidays with Esquiades.com

Enjoy the freedom


Book your ski holiday without having to follow booking requirements that you would find when booking a package ski holiday that includes flights.  


This is your chance to travel at your own pace and stop at any villages you wish to visit on your way to the ski resort. 


If you book a self-driving ski holiday with Esquiades.com, you don’t have to worry about sticking to certain booking dates. We offer total flexibility on departure dates and durations so, if you are thinking of taking a short ski break, that is also possible! 


And what about visiting more than one ski resort? Contact our customer service and they will inform you on how you can do this. 


Be Spontaneous


For those of you feeling hesitant about booking a ski holiday in advance, a self-driving ski holiday could be just what you need! 


On Esquiades.com, you can book today and ski tomorrow! All our ski deals can be booked at any time. You can rest assured that when you receive your booking confirmation via e-mail, so does the accommodation and ski resort. 


This is also a great way to grab a last-minute ski deal at an incredible price! So, give spontaneity a go and pack your bags whilst booking your ski holiday! 


Pack as much as you want 


Forget about baggage allowance and pack as much as you want! If you’re travelling with children, we can assure you it will be a lot less stressful and you won’t have to worry about taking too much stuff. And, if you’ve flown with your equipment rental in the past, you know how expensive that can be… 


Avoid long queues and wasting precious time at the airport


What initially looks like hopping on a plane and heading to the ski resort of your dreams, is now a day-long journey to your final destination. Depending on where you are flying into, you will also have to take a ⅔ hour transfer service that will take you to your ski resort. 


If you’re driving to the ski resort, you are the one in charge of the timings as you’ll be travelling at your own pace and will be able to decide where and when to stop ;) 


Save Money 


If you want to ski on peak dates, availability usually runs out quickly on flights and they tend to be rather pricey… Driving to the ski resort can make the ski holiday cheaper even when you add in the price of fuel and tolls. 


And as we’ve already mentioned above, you won’t have to check-in your baggage or equipment rental, which will help you stick to your travel budget. 


One more thing … if you’ve booked a self-catered apartment, you can do a big supermarket shop before setting off, which will stop you from splashing out on expensive products in the resort ;)


Oh! and there 's more! If you drive to the ski resort, you can also save money by booking a hotel or apartment that isn’t directly on the slopes. Ski-in ski-out hotels and apartments are very convenient but they are also more expensive. On Esquiades.com you can filter your search by “distance to the slopes” and book your accommodation in a quieter and thus cheaper area of the ski resort. 


COMING SOON: Read our post about “Driving Essentials” and “Tips for Taking Children on a long car trip”.


Do you need more reasons to book your self-driving ski holiday? Check out our 2021/2022 Ski Holidays NOW! 



Need some help and advice? Our Ski and Snowboard Experts are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 10 pm (and that includes bank holidays and other festivities). You can call our customer service line +44 (0)2 036 959 406 or send us your enquiry via the following link