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Ski equipment Alta range (shops in Baqueira Beret resort)

By reserving this extrayou will get the rental of ski equipment to ski in   Baqueira Beret . If you choose this add-on, you will be reserving the next package.
  • Ski Equipment (High Range): this package includes poles, skis and boots.
You can collect your ski rental tickets with your ski pass at the accommodation.


Below you will find detailed categories of ski equipment that you will find on our website:
  • Standard Range : Ski equipment with good performance at an affordable price! Ideal skis to enjoy the snow and improve your technique.


  • High Range : Multipurpose skis with which you can take full advantage of the movements in the snow while skiing. They are newer skis than the bronze range, with more advanced technology. Perfect to enjoy skiing safely and comfortably.



At Esquiades.com you can reserve the complete ski / snowboard equipment , which includes boots + skis + poles.
We inform you that it is not possible to reserve the material separately, but do not forget that reserving it with us, you can always get it cheaper than reserving the complete pack at destination.



It is not necessary to leave any type of deposit when collecting the ski equipment.



Depending on the ski area where you go skiing, you can pick it up at any of the following stores. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize them :). You will find all the information regarding the available material stores on your confirmation voucher .
Núcleo Baqueira 1,500: this store is located under the Baqueira offices, near the Bosque chairlift.
Hotel Montarto (nucleus 1,500): located near the Baqueira offices.
Núcleo Ruda 1,500: you can find this ski shop right in front of the pharmacy.
Núcleo Beret 1850: This ski equipment store is located at the foot of the slopes, next to the Audeth cafeteria.
Núcleo Bosque 1.800: you can find this ski equipment store next to the Bosque cafeteria.
Núcleo Bonaigua 2,072 : it is located right in the nucleus of Bonaigua.
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