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Summer Ski Holidays Tignes (Summer Ski Pass), Skiing in Summer (Glacial skiing)

Do you want to enjoy glacial skiing in summer and avoid the heat? In Tignes you can do it!


Summer skiing takes place on the Grande Motte glacier, one of the highest in Europe for skiing and snowboarding . To access there you can do it with your ski pass , which will be delivered to you at the ski resort's ticket offices.


In winter, this glacier is given special care to be able to keep the snow in places where it is usually scarce in summer, such as rocky areas. The Perce-Neige funicular will take you from the centre of the town of Tignes in just 7 minutes. You will arrive at the restaurant de la Grande Motte and if you want to continue your journey on the funicular you can ascend to an altitude of 3,456 meters, to the highest point of the ski resort.


During the summer season, the resort offers you around 20 skiable kilometers . These are between 3,656 and 3,000 altitude, so there are always perpetual snows. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the slopes, you will find blue, red and black.



What other activities are included in your Tignes Summer Ski Pass?


Some of the hotels and apartments also include the My Tignes Open card, a card with an integrated microchip that will allow you to access various activities in Tignes Val Claret and Tignes Le Lac.

Do you want to know how it works? Very easy! When you arrive at your accommodation, they will give you this card for free and the holder of this card has 2 activities per day that you can use whenever and however you want by previously booking online. That is, if you travel 4 days you will have 8 activities. If you want, you can do them all in one day or distribute them to do the distributed activities. It's up to you!
And what happens if your hotel does not include the My Tignes card? You can buy it directly at the Tignes Tourist Office for € 50.

What activities does the My Tignes Open card include?

With this card you can enjoy free access to the following activities:

- Air rifle shooting (adults only, 2 tickets per card)

- Football

- Basketball

- Beach Soccer

- Beach volleyball


And so many more! Read more about our Summer Ski Holidays in Tignes and book one of our incredible ski deals NOW! 

* Some activities require booking in advance.



In summer, the Tignes Ski Resort does not have as many skiable kilometres as in winter, so it may not be necessary to spend a whole week. Surely, with about 4 or 5 days you will have enough to enjoy some skiing in the morning and all the activities in the afternoon.


Our advice is that you make your booking to go as soon as possible. If it is in June, better. The reason is that the resort opens in mid-June and at that time, due to the altitude of the glacier, some temporary snow still tends to fall, so it is the perfect time to enjoy the powder snow in midsummer.

But if you can't go in June, don't worry. During the months of July and August the days are hotter so apart from skiing, you can also practice other water activities in Lake Tignes.





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