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Deals in Inúu Wellness Attitude

Inúu Wellness Attitude

1 night + 1 ticket per person

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1 night + 1 ticket per person
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The price per person includes Hotel + access to Inúu Wellness Attitude.
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Inúu Wellness Attitude, Inúu - Andorra

You know what is Inúu? This is an annex to the Caldea, one of the most renowned spas at European level spa centrespace.


Located on the top floor, this place is geared for those who want to enjoy a far corner VIP and private.


To begin with , since the entrance to Inúu requires a minimum age of 16 years, this place will allow you to have a few hours of absolute privacy with whoever you want.


The spa is divided into three distinct areas: the Ú Thermal, U Senses, U Care, U Lounge, U & U and U Balance.


In the first you can enjoy the contrast between temperatures jets with different pressures that you massaged and even an outdoor lagoon to breathe the air of the Andorran Pyrenees while enjoying the touch of bubbles.


The U Senses will provide a set of feelings that combine color, sensations and aromas, U Lounge will be your Inúu space to make a break and at the U Care will reach a state of total wellness.


In case you want to be in a just environment for you and your companions, U & U space is what you are looking for. And if you want to get some exercise and activate the body, space Ú Balance is to visit.


In short: Inúu is an ideal place to go home after your holiday in Andorra as new space. Then you can see our hotel packages more Inúu, you'll love them !