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Inúu 4 hours (afternoon ticket)
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Why should you book this Inúu Wellness Attitude pack 4 hours in the afternoon?


How about spending the afternoon in the VIP space of Caldea ? After spending the morning skiing in Andorra or shopping, you will need a break!


On the other hand, if you just want to go in the afternoon, we highly recommend it. Watching the sunset in the outdoor jacuzzi is priceless!


Do you know what Inúu is? It is an area exclusively for adults in the spa centreof Caldea where you will forget everything and the only thing that matters is you and only you. Here you can find different spaces : the thermal water with three lagoons in the form of waterfalls, the outdoor lagoon with stunning views of the Andorran mountains, the outdoor jacuzzi , the lounge space to relax in comfortable hot hammocks and the revival space with a hammam , water beds and color showers.




↓ Come, read on and find out everything you can enjoy with this Inúu Wellness Attitude pack 4 hours in the afternoon. ↓


What does this pack include?


  • 4 hours late entrance to the Inúu Wellness Center space.
  • Access to the Terdeaud of Caldea.
  • Access to the Origins space.


When can you access Inúu?

  • The ticket is valid between 3:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. on the days the center closes at 11:59 p.m.
  • The ticket is valid from 3:00 p.m. until closing when the center closes at 10:00 p.m.
  • When the center closes at 19:00, this entry is not valid.
  • Access to the center will be made the day after the entrance to the hotel (check in)


The center closes at 7:00 p.m. on the following days:


From 13/4 to 30/6 and from 14/9 to 30/11 from Monday to Friday (except days 1 + 31/05, 11/09 and 11/10 which opens from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.)


To consider : From May 4 to 22, the entrance to Inúu will be 3 hours . This is because the Thermoludic will be closed and the influx of public to Inúu will be greater than usual. This is why you have a special price for these dates.


Very important: From June 15 to 26 Inúu will remain closed, in addition to December 25.


Do you want to know Inúu better?

You feel your breath, the heart as it beats ... silence and peace prevails in INÚU. The first feeling you will notice just entering the center is peace and relaxation. As if time had stopped. In all our facilities you will be the one who sets the tone. Because in INÚU, all services are oriented to you, so that you rediscover the well-being that you may have forgotten.


  • In the bathrooms you can fully enjoy the warmth of the hot springs (32-33 º temperature). You will relax so much that not only your body will float ... your mind too.
  • The spectacular interior space with three waterfall-shaped lagoons has water seats, swan necks and a multitude of different pressure jets that will provide you with massages in various parts of the body. The texture of the stainless steel of the lagoons combined with the light games, make up an incomparable avant-garde environment.
  • In the outer lagoon you will enjoy the sun and the pleasant sensation of being in the hot springs while you breathe the pure air of the Pyrenees. In an environment of absolute stillness, you can enjoy bubble beds, suppliers of different pressures, gooseneck ... An experience that multiplies when in winter, snow covers the facilities.
  • In the Berlingot , you can fully isolate yourself while lying in the bubble beds and contemplate the views of the mountains and the Valley of Andorra, through the large windows.

Ú SENSES space

  • Ú Senses is a space of contrasts. Of divergent sensations that converge on one point: your full well-being. The hammam, showers with jets of water and color, the salt cave, the hot beds ... all the services offer you a range of sensations that, properly combined under the expert advice of the thermal advisors, will renew you fully.

Ú CARE space

  • In Ú Care you will rediscover yourself. In a clover-shaped plant divided into 4 petals of 4 cabins each, you will find many secrets of wellness hidden, because it is entirely dedicated to pamper yourself with a multitude of treatments.
  • In the Petal emotions the cabins are equipped with water berths and a play of colors for the most extraordinary massages you can imagine.
  • The Hydrothermal Petal is dedicated to underwater treatments and whirlpools. We invite you to check everything thermal water applied to your body can do.
  • The Petal beauty is oriented to enhance your appearance. To make you feel as good on the outside as on the inside. Specific treatments are performed for him and her.
  • In the Eastern Petal you can travel thanks to the magic of the most exotic experiences that we propose.


Ú space LOUNGE

  • Taking a short break in a space dedicated to wellness may seem like a paradox. But do the test, stretch on one of the heated sun loungers listening to music and with a snack in your hand and you will see the sedative effects it causes you. Ú Lounge is like that.

Ú & Ú Space

  • The Private Wellness Ú & Ú is a very exclusive space for those who want to feel special in an environment of placidity and absolute rest. It has all the wellness services, but for private use: 2 treatment bunk beds, sauna, showers with water and color jets, hammam, jacuzzi, heated sun loungers ... Everything is prepared for you to enjoy, as a couple or even 4 people, from the most intimate space.


  • Well-being is stillness and rest, but it is also movement, activity and exercise. Ú Balance proposes you to activate the body to activate the mind and achieve integral well-being. In the gym of INÚU you will enjoy exceptional exterior views, in a huge loft space of more than 1,200 m2 with the most innovative equipment in the sector by TECHNOGYM. It has 5 areas (bodybuilding / cardiovascular / ark-functional / suspension / easyline) and a room directed activities.


Gallery Inúu 4 hours (afternoon ticket)