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Adventure in Pallars Sobirà
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Current news & ski tips Adventure in Pallars Sobirà

Pallars Sobirà provides the perfect setting to enjoy adventure sports. The river Noguera Pallaressa and its ravines, forests, valleys and peaks will allow you to have an unforgettable experience and enjoy nature to its fullest. To know more, go ahead and read the following.
Why is Pallars Sobirà famous for practicing adventure sports?
Pallars Sobirà offers optimal conditions to practice mountain adventrue sports. The Noguera Pallaresa river is considered to be one of the best rivers in Europe for adventure sports. So, we offer you the chance to enjoy more than 60 Km, with levels of difficulty between II and V, making it a river suitable for everyone: for those seeking adrenaline, you can visit the rough waters and for those who want to enjoy the peace and quiet, you can visit the calm waters. 
In addition, Pallars Sobirà also has great territori to practice mountain biking and many other adventure sports. The wonderful scenery and hundreds of forest tracks make it the perfect setting.
What adventure sports can I practice with Esquiades.co.uk?
We offer different options depending on what you are looking for. Here you will find a brief summary of the activities we offer. 
  • Rafting in Llavorsí (12Km) : Rafting is a fun activity where you get to go down the river. There will be an instructor with you at all times so can have fun in the safest way!
  • Kayak: We offer different types of Kayak. If you have never practised this sport, we recommend you start with the Open Kayak to help you know the basics. If what you are looking for is a bit of adrenaline, then you can try out Kayak in rough waters (Beginners) or, however, if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, then you should try out Kayak in calm waters.


  • MBT: If your passion is mountain bike, you'll love this option. Enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Pallars with this activity.
  • Canyoning: If you want to experience nature with your own hands and enjoy the slopes and landscapes, canyoning is a fantastic choice. The location of this activity is near Rialp and Sort and can choose between Canyoning (Beginners) or Canyoning (Advanced), depending on your level.
  • Quad Bikes: You can choose between the option of Single Quad Bike or Double Quad Bike. You will get a chance to go on fun excursions and enjoy a unique experience.
  • Bungee Jumping: If what you are looking for is pure adrenaline, then this is the activity for you! You will get to jump off a bridge with a harness around your waist. This activity takes place near Esterri D'aneu village, which is surrounded by mountains. 


  • Horseback Riding: If you like horses and rides between nature, sure you will love riding activity that we offer.
  • Riverboarding: You will go down the river on laying on board and wearing fins to help you stear your way. It is a great chance to be in contact with water and you will be wearing a wetsuit Be one with nature practising this sport!
  • Paintball (100 balls): If you have never tried this activity, here's your chance! It's fun and perfect for a day out with friends.
  • Multi Adventure: If you want to combine land and water, here you can practise different sports such as kayak and MBT (mountain bike).


No matter what activity you choose for your getaway, Pallars Sobirà guarantees a great time!

The big impulse of trekking in the county of El Pallars Sobira starts in 1996, when the county government, the Consell Comarcal, decides to invest on the recovery of a very ancient and incredibly valuable human heritage. In the last decades, such heritage had been declining more and more as time went by: the old connecting routes, the old herd paths that had traditionally linked all the villey hamlets. From that moment, many trekking guidebooks are published, a maintenance brigade is set up, and every passing year new links are established. The result is a great network of trails that allow the hiker a countless and varied offer of excursions to all the unexplored or hidden places of the region.

El Pallars Sobira has traditionally been chosen as one of the most suitable regions for mountain sports. Apart from the uncountable ascents to many of our peaks, along the northern region the GR 11 and the Pyrenean High Route expand across the mountain range. Two of the most popular and most visited summits are la Pica d'Estats, the highest peak in Catalonia, and the AigüesTortes and the Lake of Sant Maurici National Park. But the trail options to do some trekking and hiking are countless, thanks to the great network of high mountain refuges.

The river Noguera Pallaresa is the best one in Europe to do water sports. It has more than 60 Km of navigable waters with a range of difficulty from level II and V. This makes it a friendly river, open to all ages and technical levels: good for those after the adrenaline-inducing actions on wild white water but also good for those who wish to spend a quiet paddling sightseeing a lovely landscape.

There are four ski resorts (more than 76km) in el Pallars Sobirà available for alpine skiing, snowboarding, freestyle and cross country skiing (Espot Esquí, Port-Ainé, Tavascan and Baqueira), apart from a fifth resort which offers only cross country ski (Forest of Virós). In some of them, there are also trails for dog sleighs and snow motorbikes.



The core of El Pallars Sobirà is the river, el Noguera Pallaresa, that feeds upon the many ravines, gorges and lakes lying at the feet of the valleys.



From ancient times, fishing has been a traditional activity with hunting, a sport that today still manages to gather some people to hunt and is done by the usual method of beating.

El Pallars Sobira, due to the regular profile of some of our mountains, is an ideal set-up to go mountain bike riding. Amazing landscapes and hundreds of forest rides and trails are the perfect playing field for this sport.



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