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Skiing with children

Spending a weekend skiing with children is a fun and a healthy way to spend a few days with family and share with children the passion for snow.

Time has gone by, and ski resorts have adapted to meet the needs of skiers who have decided to enjoy a ski holiday with children. With this in mind, special areas have been created and adapted for family skiing, the new areas have ski slopes that are not as steep as other parts inside the resort.

At Esquiades.com you can find a great range of ski destinations located in Andorra, Spain and France. Each one of them has different options to enjoy the snow during your ski family holidays. But many times, when you decide to go skiing with children, you do not know all the possibilities that ski resorts have at your disposal.

We also believe that it is important that you take into account the leisure alternatives for the little ones that the ski resorts have, so below you will find information about the areas and services offered by the ski resorts to travel to the snow with all the family.

Areas for babies under 3 years

If you are going to ski with very young children, you will be interested to know that the vast majority of ski resorts have playgrounds, which are suitable for children up to 2 or 3 years old (the minimum age varies depending on the ski resort to which you go skiing). This service is usually very demanded, so it is advisable to book in advance.

Skiing with children over 3 years old who do not know how to ski

Children over 3 years old can enjoy snow safely in the snow gardens . In these spaces, fully designed and adapted for the little ones in the house, your children can have the first contact with the snow while you enjoy your skiing day. Most ski resorts have a snow garden and in some cases, they even offer ski lessons with monitors specialized in teaching children to ski. As you can see, there are many activities for children in the snow from which you can choose.

Themed areas for skiing with children with a certain level of skiing

In some ski resorts, such as Grandvalira or Vallnord , located in the principality of Andorra , they have themed areas and specially designed routes for children to enjoy themselves to the fullest. These areas are included in the price of the ski pass and are for those children who have already taken their first steps in white sport and are able to go down easy level tracks.

Sled areas, a good option if you are travelling with children and people who are not goint to ski.

Who can imagine winter without the fun sledding? The sled areas are spaces usually located near the access to the ski slopes and are usually one of the places of the ski resorts most desired by children. These areas are a good option for families who have decided to go skiing but who travel with non-skier escorts . In this way, people who do not ski can stay with younger children and have fun with them sledding, making snowmen or playing with snow.

Ski schools for children and adults

Another very good option for children to start in snow sports is to hire collective ski or snowboard lessons . The ski schools are always located at the foot of the slopes and have professionals specialized in teaching different levels of skiing and snowboarding.

On Esquiades.com you can comfortably book a place for skiing and snowboarding lessons in Andorran ski resorts like Grandvalira and Vallnord. Also, since they are lessons that are done in a group, they will be cheaper than private classes.

If you go skiing during the week , we inform you that the first day of class is always Monday and they have a minimum of 3 days (9 hours in total). That is, in your reservation you must include at least 3 days of ski pass.

If instead, you have decided to spend a family skiing weekend , you can book classes for children and adults with a minimum duration of 2 days and are held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Esquiades.com recommendations for skiing with children

Before making a trip to the snow with children , from Esquiades.com we recommend that you consult all the options that the ski resort has for skiing with the little ones of the house.

Surely you will get very pleasant surprises, since in addition to the specialized areas for children that we have talked about before, during the winter season, many of the ski resorts perform events dedicated 100% to family skiing and during which sure You'll have a great time together.

And finally, do not forget to take measures so that children ski safely and do not take a bad trip experience, especially if it is their first contact with the snow. After all, it depends on whether they want to return or not the following year.