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At the Mürren ski resort you will see one of the best views of the Alps in Switzerland. Its town is one of the most picturesque and famous for its skiing, for its postcard image (cars cannot circulate), and for its snowy streets. The slopes are ideal for intermediate skiers who are not looking for great difficulty and want to avoid queues. Since they are long tracks from which to enjoy the landscape and its good snow conditions.

Why go skiing in Mürren?


It is a very original resort where one of the James Bond movies was filmed and there is a recreation of it. It is also one of the slopes that has one of the best landscapes in the Swiss Alps, it is ideal for intermediate skiers looking for long runs without difficulties. It is perfect to enjoy a calm ski. In addition, its town is one of the most beautiful, its charm is that cars cannot circulate.


This resort offers the advantage of having the cable cars very close to the hotels , and also has a Skibus available. So you can avoid going by car, it is very comfortable and practical to get off the hotel and have the cable car that leaves from the east of the town on foot.


Ski with Esquiades.com in Mürren


Enjoy the best views and immerse yourself in a long track adventure. It is the best option when you want to avoid queues and get on many chair lifts. Add more kilometers of slopes to your ski pass! We give you the opportunity to ski throughout the Jungfrau domain thanks to the "Add more skiable domain" plugin. The Jungfrau domain includes Grindelwald and Mürren.


You also have the opportunity to live a unique experience: Visit the sky of Europe with the "Top of Europe" add-on! Icy air flows down your face, snow crunches under your feet, and the view almost takes your breath away: on one hand, the view of Mittelland to the Vosges, on the other, the Aletsch glacier, bordered by peaks of four thousand meters. Standing at the Jungfraujoch 3,454 meters above sea level, you can feel it with your first step: this is a different world. It is one that you have to experience.


From Esquiades.com , we invite you to discover this amazing ski resort. On our website you can choose the hotel or apartment that you like the most.


Remember that our ski offers always include accommodation and ski pass. In addition, you can add the accessories you want, such as: renting the equipment or booking some ski lessons to perfect your level of skiing or snowboarding.

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