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Paintball 100 balls

Paintball is a great activity to have fun with a group of friends. It's a statergy game. There are 2 teams and the participants use guns (paintball markers) and shoot balls of paint to the opposing team. The people that get shot are automatically out of the game. The game takes place on a closed park where you'll find different obastacles and shelters for protection. 


What's included? 1 recharge of 100 paintballs, safety mask, marker gun (paintball gun), safety jumpsuit, liability and accident insurance and instructor.


What do I need to take? Comfortable clothes and sport's trainers. During the activity you can purchase extra paintballs for 11€ 100 balls.


How long does the activity last? It should last about 1 hour. However, it depends on the group and how many recharges you purchase.


Is there an age limit? The minimum recommended age is 14.

People under 18 must go under adult supervision. 

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