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Never been Riverboarding? Here we have everything you need to know.


Riverboarding, also known as Hidrospeed,  consists of a board adapted for rivers with heavy currents. It looks like a surfboard however it is half the size and wider. Boarders lay on the board and wear fins on theis feet to help them speed down the river. 

Boarders wear a wetsuit to avoid getting cold and the board has straps to help them stear their way down. 

Where does the activity take place? You will be surrounded by rocks and water, the perfect scenery to enjoy nature to the fullest. You will go from Yeti to Moleta. Total distance: 4.5 km.


What equipment is included? Certified guides (languages available: Catalan, Spanish, French, Eglish and German). To wear: Wetsuit, Slippers, Life vest, Helmet and Fins. Also, Liability and Accident Insurance, transportation from and to the head office and Car Park (customers only).


What do I have to take? Swim wear, towel and car to get to the Meeting Point. Once there, you can also hire a photographer if interested.


How long does the activity last? This activity lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The time may vary depending on the group.


Is there a minimum age? The recommended minimum age is 15 as long as the ice has melted.  People under 18 must go under adult supervision. 


Can I wear glasses or contact lenses? If you wear glasses it is a good idea to tie them with a cord or even do the activity without them.If you wear contact lenses it is advisable to protect them using goggles or do not even carry them. 


How does this activity work? You will have to head to the Head Office of Roc Roi (address provided in confirmation voucher). There you will be able to change into your wetsuit. After that, you and the rest of the goup will go to the start point by bus. 


Do I need to know how to swim? During the activity you may fall off the boat. Therefore, knowing how to swim is essential. 





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